Post Partum Doula Packages

All packages include services for mother and new born child, additional help for other family members to be determined on case by case basis.

20 Hour Post Partum Package ($500)

20 Hours Post Partum Care : Basic care for a new mom who needs support for first month after birth, done in 5- 4 hour shifts. Essential for C-section moms.

  • Includes 20 Hours Post Partum Care for mother and newborn

40 Hour Post Partum Package ($950)

40 Hours Post Partum Care: Extended care for new mom who needs support for first 2 months after birth, done in 10-4 hour shifts. Especially helpful for mothers with toddlers and special needs children, mothers with limiting health issues, and mothers with limited family support.

  • Includes 40 hours post partum care for mother, newborn, father/partner and siblings

*Additional Hours: $25/hour for post partum care, 4 hour shifts or add-on hours to existing shifts. Determined as needed, reach out with any questions.

Super Concierge Package, All Inclusive ($2,300)

  • Labor Doula
  • Post Partum Doula - 40 hours of post partum care in first 12 weeks after the birth
  • First Start Sleep Shaping, for newborn to 6 month: Identifying sleep question and helping families start working towards healthy sleep patterns