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Water Birth

Thinking about Waterbirthing?

Waterbirth is the renewed discovery of our ancestral affinity with water applied to birth. It is a search for comfort in a state that is different from our normal state of consciousness, where the need for privacy, intimacy and protection is intense. Water is gentle on the mothers’ body and the baby’s entry into the world. Waterbirth prepares you for a fuller use of the power of water to alleviate pain during labor and to ease birth.

Water is a medium especially suited to pregnant women and wonderfully soothing to those who have just given birth. It is therapeutic and supportive, allowing safe stretching and breathing far beyond that which is achievable on dry land.

It has been suggested that water can help reduce the pain of labor, ease the birth and open your pelvis in preparation for delivery.

  • Water has a relaxing effect on both mother and baby
  • Mothers experience less pain when they labor in water and therefore have less need for pain relief
  • Water can help facilitate the woman’s body to achieve more comfortable positions
  • Water massages, supports and envelopes the laboring mother